SnuggBuds Headsets is proud to announce that we have been selected to be the Official Headset partner of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers Marathon for both 2013 and 2014! We have participated with the race for four years and to take on the “Official Headset” title is an incredible honor.

The Bay to Breakers Marathon has been in production now for over a century and every year the race provides a unique and incredible experience for both its participants and its partners involved with the expo. Our SnuggBuds team is involved with over 75 sports expos every year and the Bay to Breakers stands out as the most colorful and eccentric of its kind. For every year we have been involved with the event and its exceptional and well-organized crew, AEG Worldwide, our team has always been left feeling grateful for an incredible experience in the great city of San Francisco.

Over the years, our wide demographic of customers have demo’d and learned to love our heaphones. Two favorites for running at the B2B and at so many other marathon events throughout the USA have been our Pump’D and SB-X models. These light-weight and low-profile sports models both deliver incredible sound and a comfort fit for those seeking excellent headphones for under $50.00. Our customers agree that all of our products compete very well against big name-brand headphones and earbuds that boast great quality for three times the price. However, we invite all runners and participants to visit us at our booth #110 to “Hear The Difference” and to “Feel Your Music!”

102nd Bay to Breakers Event and Expo Information:
San Francisco Design Center
635 8th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

EXPO DAY #1: Friday, May 17 – 11 AM to 7 PM
EXPO DAY #2: Saturday, May 18 – 9 AM to 6 PM
RACE DAY: Sunday, May 19th, 2013 at 7am – 12:00pm
Free and open to the public.


A Special “Thank You” To Our Customers!

Dear Customers,

I want to thank you for your support! We pride ourselves on customer service and know that we cannot possibly please everyone. We do our very best to run a great business and rarely have we crossed paths with individuals who are mean-spirited or unfriendly.

As consumers, ourselves, we always respect companies who stand behind their products. As a business, we make every reasonable effort to satisfy all customers’ needs. We live in a world driven by tough competitors and do whatever we can to deliver excellent products for a competitive price and to offer fantastic customer service.

We appreciate you all, our customers, for your loyalty, your business and your kindness over that past four (4) years. We could not have arrived where we are today with YOU! We look forward to being there with you in 2013 and beyond!

Stephen Schaefer

MacWord 2013 Update




MacWorld2013 was filled with the usual suspects seeking new and interesting items for their iPhone, iPad, iPod, “i-everything” devices. As MacWorld typically caters mostly to Apple products and users, Android-based product users will find a minimal selection of items to spark their interest for their own devices. However, this event is always one that the SNUGGBUDS crew looks forward to every January!

Our spotlight this year was on the latest introduction to the SNUGGBUDS line, FUSION! Our new FUSION model was very well received and became our biggest seller for 2013. FUSION’s speakers focus on rich mid and hi-range sound frequencies to offer more crisp sound and speaker clarity without being over-powered by the low frequencies. The bass is certainly present, but Audiophile fanatics who prefer much less emphasis on bass have been very impressed with FUSION and the balance of its sound. For more information on FUSION please go to…

Our Pump’D and SB-X models were also very popular and found their way into the ears of many new customers. It was great to make new friends and see many old friends and loyal customers again! The SNUGGBUDS team always seems to leave its heart in San Francisco. We love SF and look forward to returning this spring as the Exclusive Headset Company for the San Francisco Bay to Breakers!

New SnuggBuds Blog!

SnuggBuds has added a Product page to our Blog.  Please check it out by going to the Product tab directly under the header.  Enjoy!

SnuggBuds offers a variety of headsets for a wide range of users.  We offer headsets for athletes, audiophiles and the every-day user of ear bud-style headphones. Each model is made with a different user in-mind.  When we started our business we knew we had a lot to prove and the best way to get our products in our customers’ ears was to do just that, in person, and let our customer “hear the difference” and “feel the music!”  Ironically, there are three popular words that are shared spontaneously by the majority of end users who sample our products: “WOW!”, “LOVE!” and “AMAZING!”

Through our face-to-face meetings with thousands of customers at hundreds of event expos across the U.S., we have determined that although many customers are seeking something similar that there are also many other customers who are seeking something different in a headphone.  Many love deep, rich bass while others are more impressed with crisp mid and higher-range frequencies.  Some people have ears built for larger ear buds while others require a smaller, lower-profile fit.  However, most importantly, all prefer the feeling of comfort and we believe that you, our customer, will find at least one of our products is right for you!

The Best Headphones for Running


All of our headphones are made of metal, aluminum alloy casings (NOT plastic!)  Metal casings produce a far better balance sound quality.   They are not only excellent for running, but for working out – and any sports or physical activities!  Let us guide your decision and your preference based on the detail below:

SB-X Black Mp3 - The Best Headphones for Running

SB-X Black Mp3 – The Best Headphones for Running

SB-X:  This model is absolutely the lightest-weighted and lowest profile headphone in our arsenal.  Although many male customers love this headset, the SB-X (SnuggBuds Extreme model) is a favorite among women, especially those with smaller ears.  The speakers in the SB-X are exceptional and carry a nice blend of highs, mids and lows for an even balance of music.  The mp3 model comes with a fabric, tangle-free cord and a 90-degree sport jack for durability (sport model ear bud with a 9.9mm/95db speaker).

Find out more OR get your own pair here!


SB-X for SmartPhone provides the same comfort and speaker, comes with a standard PVC/rubber cords and an omni-directional mic for hands-free talking (sport model ear bud with a 9.9mm/95db speaker). 

SB-X Blue SmartPhone

Get yours here!


PUMP’D:  This model is “pumped-up,” both with a boosted speaker and with bass.  Pump’D carries the most powerful bass level speaker in our entire line of headphones.  At 103db and with a 10mm speaker any bass lover will be more than happy with these in his or her ears!  The mp3 model comes with a fabric, tangle-free cord and a 90-degree sport jack for durability.  Pump’D is light in weight and comes with a low-profile fit (sport model ear bud with a 10.0mm/103b speaker)! 

Pump'D Red mp3

Get yours here!


Pump’D for SmartPhone provides the same comfort and speaker, comes with a standard PVC/rubber cords and an omni-directional mic for hands-free talking (sport model ear bud with a 10.0mm/103db speaker). 

Pump'D Black Smartphone

Get your Pump’D for SmartPhone headphones here!


FUSION:  Offers clean, crisp and clear speakers with less emphasis on bass and more focus on mid and higher-range sounds.  We designed this model for the “audiophiles” who came to us and asked us for a headset with lighter bass and improved highs.  Fusion comes with a fabric, tangle-free cord, a 90 degree sport jack and an omni-directional mic for hands-free talking with iPhone and other SmartPhones. 

Fusion Rasta Mp3 HeadPhones

Get your Fusion HeadPhones here!


MAVERICKS AND BLINGG:  Mavericks and BlinggBuds are essentially identical headphones designed using a 9.9mm/95db speaker (same as the SB-X).  We started our business producing this model and continual praise from customers over the past several years has encouraged us to keep them in our production line.  Both Mavericks and Blingg radiate a rich acoustic sound mix of mids and highs together with a full range of solid bass.  Although these models are priced lower than the SB-X, Pump’D and Fusion models, they compete very well against many other brands that run 3x in price!

Mavericks Purple mp3

Get your Mavericks here:

Red Blingg mp3
Get your Blingg Headsets Here:

We know that there is no possible way that every product can win the favor of every consumer.  However, SnuggBuds are considered a “GAME CHANGER” for so many of our customers and we back up our business with excellent, family-oriented customer service.  Whether or not you have been introduced to our street team at one of our events, been referred to us by a family member or a friend or you have found us online….we hope that you, too, have an opportunity to “Hear The Difference!” with SnuggBuds Headsets!

If you have any questions,  Check out our FULL Selection of High Quality Headphones here.

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